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Default Re: $1,000 motorized bikes

Well, my build cost:
Bike: $0,
Speedo/clock: $40,
engine: $35,
Clutch/ignition parts:$26
Driveline:$ 140
Other paint,etc:$30


This is the parts bought, rest is using parts laying around, for free, or reworked old free found stuff. But pricetag on the hours???? and how many??? Fabricating, reshaping,reworking, powderpaint,painting,overhaul,etc....
Seems quite cheap, but if (at least some)labour cost should be calculated, this is well over $1000.............but fun doing it....YES!!!

And over here in Norway, just a plain cheap china engine cost approx. $200. Ebay/online shops is the best parts resources, but then it takes even longer time to get them, and high shipping cost....(but im just waited 3 weeks just to get delivered a rear wheel sprocket as my wish, bought in Norway...hmmm)

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