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Default Re: $1,000 motorized bikes

I'll admit I really like the Genesis Astra, but I'd never ever motorize a Genesis Onyx. Cheap new bikes with coaster brakes aren't worthy of motorizing, barely worthy of serious pedaling, but that's just my (perhaps elitist) opinion based on over 100,000 miles on pedal bikes. I've broken a lot of stuff with just my legs.

Originally Posted by happyvalley View Post
A better bicycle is never a waste.
QFT, especially when it comes to bolting a motor in one. A bike doesn't have to be high-dollar; in our case, it just has to be something that's built for people (usually full-grown men) to really ride.

Originally Posted by Genisisonyx29 View Post
I don't think the bike of choice is any better though. Just my opinion.
Have you ever ridden a true heavy duty bike like a Worksman or a Schwinn Heavy Duti? I don't think you have. Those bikes last for years and years, they are used in factories hauling loads most of us would never dream of. No reputable factory uses a Walmart bike to haul loads! Walmart bikes really aren't designed for people who are absolutely serious about bicycles, they are designed for people who want recreation on the cheap. Most people who've motorized their Walmart bike have had to service their bearings before proceeding. Even then, there are threads abound on here of broken Walmart frames. Not one Worksman frame, tho.
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