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Default Re: $1,000 motorized bikes

The Worksman is a beautifully made bike for the money... the one catch is there's a very limited selection of styles - so if you're interested in anything other than a cruiser, you're pretty much looking at spending a lot more money for equivalent quality in a different frame type - or biting the bullet & upgrading...

For "$1,000 motorized bike" that's built tough - it really does seem to be a Worksman or an upgraded box-store frame (not the cheapest ofc)... the cheapest frames are sketchy w/o a doubt, but the middle priced & up ones tend to be well made (inspection required ofc lol) but with junk mechanicals (shifters, calipers, derailleurs, etc)... but these aren't high priority items with many builds so that doesn't make much of a difference, what really matters is making sure the brakes are up to the task & ridding yourself of the cheesy single wall rims...

...and that's not a big deal at all
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