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Default Re: $1,000 motorized bikes

so, you're saying an american made worksman is basically the same as a chinese made Kent bike.

while they're two completely different styles of bikes (one being a heavy duty cruiser, and the other a psuedo-mountain bike) the quality of the worksman bike eclipses anything that comes out of china.

on the worksman, you're getting 11g spokes and drum brakes made in france, and a rim that is second to none when it comes to strength. it's basically a small motorcycle wheel. it's actually stronger than a lot of older moped wheels and lightweight motorcycle spoked wheels.

on the genesis, you're getting a lightweight, cheaply made rim with 15g spokes (at least they're stainless) and a low end hub.

a lightweight "handcrafted" aluminum frame? who's handcrafting them? i know frame builders that charge a coupla grand and up for a real "handcrafted" frame. i guess pushing the "on" button on the robotic frame-building machine in china means "handcrafted."

low end shimano parts, steel 3 piece cranks with a non-sealed bearing bottom bracket, and no-name accessories round out your choice.

not a bad bike from walmart, but i guarantee you it'll be collecting dust in thrift stores or melted down at scrap yards long before the worksman's chrome even get's tarnished...
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