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Default Re: 70's Stingray build

Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
If I understand, you have removed the pedal side rear sprocket. So now you have to push the bike to start it, I'm all for exercise but am too old to run beside my bike!
You understand correctly, sir! I did remove the pedal side rear sprocket, and I do have to push the bike to start it. However, I live on a slight hill so all I have to do is push the bike a little bit and gravity takes over the rest on the way down the driveway. As far as when I'm on a flat surface, being 18 does have its advantages!

I also found out today that slipping the clutch with too much gas results in this:
Due to inflation, your two cents no longer matter.

Current project: OCC Chopper, plans:

-Briggs & Stratton 5 HP 4 stroke, electric start
-Smog pump supercharger
-disc brake conversion
-tachometer & boost gauge

1976 Columbia Gold Crest (Stingray knock-off), 80cc Chinese 2 Stroke. Custom intake manifold, engine mounts, rim brake, digital tachometer. Stock front tire & larger back wheel with wide street tire.
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