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Default Re: 70's Stingray build

Originally Posted by Greg58 View Post
Are you planning on a wider crank? I would if I were you, if something goes wrong you can always pedal. Some say its too hard to pedal with the drag of the engine chain and clutch but I carry tools so I can remove the chain. I run a bmx side pull front brake to assist the rear coaster, 96mm reach will work with 2.125 tires.
Hey Greg,

I had originally intended for pedal power to be available as well, but there's just no room for it. The back of the seat is supported by the sissy bar so having the sissy bar mounted is a must--the problem is is that with the sissy bar on it, I barely had enough room on the threads to get the alignment on the rear sprocket right, and that was a pain itself.

The original coaster brake and hub were messed when I got the bike, and I was originally planning to use a disc brake, so when I had the hub rebuilt I told the guy to forget about the coaster because I wasn't planning on using it. To be completely honest I'm not sure what he did with it, as far as whether or not it's still in there, but I've got it set up right now and it's working so I'm not looking to pull it apart.

It has a mount for center pull rear rim brakes. Unfortunately the front has nowhere to mount brakes to, but I'm not entirely opposed to drilling holes in the frame if anyone has any ideas (steel frame--won't do any harm to have a few holes).
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