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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
That's High Temp Copper RTV. Was no biggie, didn't have to split the case at least. Only took about an hour to pull the jug, stamp an imprint for the new gasket, cut it, rtv it and slap it all back together. Ran like new again. It didn't want to idle, and after a new intake gasket and an o-ring in the carb, there was only one option left. (before having to split the case...) *phew!

Johnny, it sounds like you have your mag on backwards. They only go on one way eh... well, they'll go on backwards, but will backfire like crazy... there's only one proper way they go on
And sometimes the woodruff key will only half shear, leaving the timing slightly off. So, sheared key or mag on backwards. Check them both out.
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