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Default Cost to weld front motor mount?

So my Cranny's frame cracked and I found a replacement, a 1988 Schwinn Heavy Duti. But I found that I need a custom front mount...

So looking around at some of your awesome rides, I found a welded mount that I like on this ride:

I figured it would be easy peasy, I use the flat mounting plate I got with my BGF kit, cut some steel tubing for the spacer (my old 1" Cranny seatpost with the chrome sanded off), and have a welder just weld the plate to the tube and then those to the frame. I would prep the frame too.

I was hoping to bribe my neighbor with beer, but his welding rig is over on his property in Johnson City, so I started calling around. One guy estimated $175!!! When I told him that I had all of the pieces and would come to him and only needed him to weld them together, he said he could do it for $54.

That sounds better, but a little excessive? Honestly, I am a complete n00b to the welding world, so that may be completely reasonable for the materials he needs to use, I have no idea. All of my work on motorcycles and other projects mainly involved everything bolted, riveted, or JB Welded. Since he specialized in gates, fences, farm equipment, etc, I figured he would be less likely to charge "artisan" rates.

I was thinking maybe a muffler shop instead of a dedicated welder? I am not looking for artwork here, and can clean up spatter, I just want a strong mount and not get personally mounted in the process.

I could rent a wire feeder from Home Depot for $28 for 4 hours and get a spool of wire for another $11, then spend a couple hours practicing burning holes in stuff and blinding myself, but best case I would do a merely terrible job...
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