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Default 70's Stingray build

Howdy guys.

I first got into this stuff by watching Motovelo's stuff on Youtube and fell in love with it. I got to talking about it with my friend one day, and told him how much I had always wanted to do a motorized Stingray build. Now, the Stingray I had in mind was the new-age OCC Stingray Chopper. My friend, though, had other ideas, apparently. When I told him I had this idea for the build, he said, "hey, I've got a Stingray buried in my shed", to which I was ecstatic about, thinking of that OCC Stingray I had always wanted to build.

Well, we got to his house and dove into the mechanical abyss that was his shed. After much moving around, we unearthed the bike, hiding in the back corner under what appeared to be an old riding mower. It turns out that it was not an OCC chopper, but an old Schwinn Stingray knock-off. I'm not one to quit just because of a small snag, so I looked at the bike to see what I could do with it. It was covered, and I mean covered in rust, the chain looked like it was made of rust, the back tire was dry-rotted, the front just barely holding on, etc.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in this story. Some blood, sweat, and tears, a few months and roughly $200 ($130 for the motor kit, $20 for a steering repair and $50 for a tire, tube, and rear hub rebuild) later, I have a running 80cc 2 stroker bolted to the old fish. And boy, does it go (30-35 on a single sprocket, right out of the box).

It does have a few problems, though. I'm working on the brakes (of which it currently has none)--I'm either going to have to get a new pair of sneakers or a brake, but something has to be done. I had to pull the pedals and the old crank 'cause it was getting in the way of the motor (I also had to redesign the motor mounts, rotate the head and custom fabricate a right angle intake manifold), so I need to create some sort of foot peg setup. I'm going to put a headlight on it (the motor has a 6V generator built in) and somehow going to attach the digital tachometer I built for the science fair all those years ago.

So, all of that being said, these are the issues I have as of now:

-brakes (I'm working on this one; I think I've got a solution but I'm open to suggestions)
-hooking up my tach to the coil (I want a setup where it counts a rev every time the plug fires)

I also may have an OCC donor in the near future. Any info on that build?

Lastly, I leave you with this token: This was me this morning
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