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Default Clear coating raw steel on the cheap?

Okay, so my Cranny could not take the awesome power of my China Girl. Ok, it probably has more to do with me needing to go on a diet... She is developing hairline cracks in several places, so I am swapping frames before she disintegrates at 40 MPH.

I am on a tight budget and came across a rust bucket 1988 Schwinn. While not a Chicago, I am hoping it will last longer than the Cranny did (about 300 miles). Admittedly my 2002 Cranny was a poor example since the welds looked like they were done by a trainee who was mad and drunk.

So this weekend I plan on stripping the two coats of paint and surface rust off of the "new" bike. Since my painting skills suck more than my building skills (which is not saying much), I was thinking it might look cool to just clear over the raw steel, probably using Rustoleum spray clear.

Any idea if it will work out ok? I do not mind repainting every couple of years, or even yearly, so not overly concerned with long term durability. I am just looking to try something cool before caving in and taking it to get painted the right way, which means someone else other than me, lol.

So the plan is to strip the paint, polish it up with a brass wire brush on my drill, spray a few coats of Rustoleum clear, then let it cure for a few days before swapping my HT and parts over.

Or is this doomed to failure before even starting?
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