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Default Re: My new clutch actuator

I have been communicating with him and I discovered that he has run into some issues (our emails):

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From: "justin chambers"
Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 11:17 AM
Subject: clutch actuator

Hi my factory style of clutch actuator that came stock utilizes a small screw in the end of the actuator arm that clamps the cable in place. I notice your kit utilizes the other way of attaching the cable by using a clamp on cable end. Do you have two styles of kits because I do not have the required cable end to utilize your kit and adding this style of lever to your kit would be relatively easy to do since you obviously have the machinery required to produce the rest of the kit. If you would like photos of my style of clutch actuator arm, I would be willing to supply them. Thanks for your time -Justin

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RE: clutch actuator Friday, October 10, 2008 10:17 AM
From: "James Swarthout" <>To: Justin chambers

Yes a photo would be great!

We make our actuator arms out of aluminum…I’m not sure if I would want to trust a small set screw in aluminum.

I think the screw would probably strip in an effort to get the cable connection tight.

What I could do is supply the brass cable end at no extra charge.

We have encountered another problem with our product and you may be able to help with photos.

Apparently there are two different actuators from the factory.

There is a pin in a hole that runs through the engine sprocket shaft…I don’t know if the pin lengths are different, or if the actuator rod hole is drilled closer to the sprocket.

The bottom line is that about half of what we have shipped has performed better than expected for those customers, the other half are telling me that the actuator rod, and arm, rotates 360 degrees…never or just slightly making contact with the pin.

If you could remove your factory actuator, take the cam rod out and photograph the housing that would be great. You have to clock the cam rod just right in order to remove it from the housing.

Also if you could measure the length of the pin that runs through the engine sprocket, that would help too.

If you have never disassembled yours, be aware that there is a ball bearing behind the pin that may roll out when you remove the pin.

Best regards,


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RE: clutch actuator Friday, October 10, 2008 11:28 AM
From: "justin chambers" To: "James Swarthout" <>

Sure I will take the photos and make some measurements on the pin. I have not disassembled that part of the engine yet but from what I have read in the forums that many engines are shipped with out the ball bearing in place and when operating the clutch lever the clutch cable must be adjusted to completely disengage the clutch. This extra adjustment puts more tension on the clutch lever which causes the kit supplied lever to fail and the included locking mechanism to be inoperative. So I have sourced the ball bearing at: DIA 8 Steel Ball (Part #24) - $0.39. I will check it out this weekend and get back to you. -Justin

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RE: clutch actuator Monday, October 20, 2008 2:59 PM
From: "justin chambers" To: "James Swarthout" <>Message contains attachments1018081230.jpg (200KB), 1018081231.jpg (235KB), 1018081231b.jpg (248KB), 1018081233.jpg (178KB), 1018081236.jpg (179KB)

I attached the photos of the clutch actuator and housing. My bike has the cam, rod, and ball bearing. The length of the rod is 26mm and the ball bearing is 8mm in diameter. Any of info I can help you with let me know. Is your clutch actuator cam made of steel or aluminum? I am interested in purchasing one as long as we can get the kit straightened out so that it will work on all bikes so if you need my help with testing too let me know. Thanks -Justin

************************************************** ******

I have not received any emails back from him so I dont know if the project has been halted until he can figure out wat the differences are between all of the engines that is causing the problem or he is no longer continuing in its development. I attached the same photos that i sent to him. I hope he gets it figured out but I wont be buying one until he has if finalized. -Justin

Received a final email from him:
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RE: clutch actuatorFriday, October 24, 2008 3:24 PM
From: "Jim Swarthout" <>To: "'justin chambers'"

Thanks for the photos and info.

I have been really busy this week.

One of my customers’ lives close to the shop…he was good enough to bring his bike in so I would have yet another example to go by.

I have found the problem, and my new kits include 2 pins of different lengths and a revised instruction sheet.

I got feedback from more customers since we last talked and the problem is limited to some of the older engines.

5 out of 20 didn’t work…I shipped them new kits this week…It will be interesting to see if the new kit resolves the problem.

Thanks again,


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