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Default A Big Texas Howdy

Hi Y'all

I'm just doing an intro like I was told. Don't want to step on any toes.

I'm in SE Texas close to where I-10 leaves the state. Conceived here, born in Louisiana and back where I belong.

I have one PK 80 I'm putting on a KHS Montana with another engine on the way for a new Trek Cruiser Classic. I figured I'd put the first one on the KHS to work out any bugs and get a feel for the conversion.

I've learned a lot from this and a couple of other forums - mainly what not to do. The CrMo frame on the KHS is about the right size for slightly modified factory mounts. The Trek, however, is presenting some challenges. The large diameter aluminum frame is getting different mounts. I don't feel comfortable drilling the main tube.

I'll leave the mods, pics, etc. on the appropriate forums.

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