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Default Re: So I saw this ad on Craigslist...

Originally Posted by MysterySandwich View Post
Also, I'm not going to be doing many builds, just one. (unless it ends up incredinly crappy)
That's what we all said at first! Its only crappy 'til you're Happy! Once you get the grin under your skin and start tweaking and getting it the way you like it, you'll be happy, for a while. Just like any hobby. Then you start thinking what to build next It may take a couple years, or a couple months, heh heh.

btw, small carbs are easy to figure out. There tonnes of info and lots of helpful people around here to help you out. Many member have built all kinds of choppers. So if you ever get stuck, the Google search at the top only brings up threads/posts here. And if that doesn't work, you know how to start a thread

If you want to read up a bit before parts/kits start arriving. There's two styles of carbs that come with kits.

There's the humble NT, simple but highly efficient. (click pic for a teardown thread by master Norm)

There is a "Speed" Version of the NT with a little wider throttle-body, usually around $25+ship.

And there's the CNS "Racing" Carb. I put the racing in quotes because more people have trouble tuning it than success racing it, let alone tuning it for daily use. If you can dial it in, it supposedly does well, but I don't think I've seen a CNS in any pics from the races(there's a racing league in Cali), lots of Delorto, Mikuni, Walbro($100+ carbs, eep)...

But anyway, this is a CNS(teardown thread by master KCVale)

So there's some reading for you before your kit even gets to the door. Depending on what kit you get and from where. (Bikeberry has a $50 off kits for the 4th on FB, Gasbikes had $25off on FB too). Check out the vendors in the sidebars. Sure you can order a little cheaper off eBay, but what happens if you need customer service? or if the kits box was half crushed and squashed your tank... Some vendors have 6mo warranties.

So yea, lots to take in, but don't get intimidated. Once they're in your hands you'll realize how simple they are. It's not like you're setting up a Tri-power, or a Six-pack, heh heh.

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