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Default What size sprocket for me?

ok I thave my kit all done but I would like to go a bit faster without reving the crap out my my engine. I have a 80cc engine with a 44 tooth sprocket right now. I am going to order a kings sprocket but before I spend all my money and get one sent all the way from the states I would like to ask which size would best suit me. I am a big boy 124kg (272lbs) I have broken my engine in and it runs like a dream. the power band seems to be from 24 to 30 kmph (15 to 18 mph) and my engine will only pull me up to 40kmph (25mph) I am quite happey at 25mph however I would like that speed while the engine is in the power band as the engine runs sweet in that rpm range. so what size sprocket should i order to be able to site on around 40kmph or 25mph without reving the crap out of the enigine??
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