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Default Re: So I saw this ad on Craigslist...

Not meant as advise but the building is a big part of the fun and frustration. But the really, well, big part any way is with DIY, you feel or hear some thing off, ya just seem to know when some thing is up and where to look. That's aside from the joy of creating your own functional art. Really is a blast first time she fires off and your cruising down the street!

Cool part about our thing, you can build or buy one then turn around and take her apart and do it completely different. Art is never finished, just abandoned. (LOL, as in next build)

If I were to offer advise it would be to enjoy the build part. Take your time and really enjoy it. My first kit build, I raced with the add that said "can be built in less then 4 hours" LOL, I did it but really, really badly. Now takes me 2 days to do a China girl build and that is if every thing goes smoothly. It never goes smoothly. But that is part of the fun.

Build some thing cool!
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