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Default Re: Help engine does not engage

Okay so the spark plug gets a tiny bit grey but not oily or wet, and when I wipe it off with a cloth it looks almost the same as it was brand new. The kill switch connectiongs all removed no luck, the fuel goes to the carb check, the clutch is engaging the engine check, tried with a loose spark plug no luck, tried with a tight spark plug no luck, checked exhaust and everything looked fine, tried to run with carb leaver up, middle, and down and no luck.

One FAR guess of what I think might be the problem:
-I used 16:1 gas/oil ratio for break in so I think that was to much oil for engine causing engine to be so greasy it cannot start now. And when I tryed to run without the spark plug it completly destroyed the system?

P.S. THIS IS HONESTLY MAKING ME WANT TO COOK THE ENGINE IN AN OVEN, stab it with a knife, kick it, hit it with a baseball bat, eletrecute it, and I will be happy! : ((
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