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Default Re: Help engine does not engage

Well, I don't know how you went from "roll the bike around a bit" to taking it out for 20 minute ride? That does not compute! To clear a flood you only need to "roll the bike around a bit" and let the motor turn over a handful of times to let that fuel out. Then you put the plug back in and start her up...
2-stroke motors need to be lubed by the oil in the fuel, if there is not fuel/oil flowing you should not turn the motor over for extended periods. For instance, even coasting down a hill, you should either pull in the clutch to disengage the motor or rev the throttle to make the engine combustion rate match the speed you are traveling. If you let off the throttle and let gravity pull the bike and turn the motor over you are not properly lubricating the motor for that period. Keep in mind that a 2-stroke has no reservoir of oil to keep the motor lubricated. Particularly when a motor is new you need to keep it lubricated, thats why you use more oil in a break in fuel mix for the first couple hundred miles....
Now back to the situation at hand, I am still lacking good info to help you out. There is a document floating around here that has a basic check list for a no start condition, seek it out by searching the forum or perhaps someone that knows the link will post it here.
Basically you need air, fuel, spark and compression to run. You haven't let on exactly what you have checked. Have you....?

Disconnect the kill switch
Check the electrical contact in the spark plug boot
Check the air filter
Check that fuel is flowing in the fuel line

Those are the very basic checks to do, from there you can....

Check if there is spark on the plug?
Try an NGK BP6HS plug, the kit plugs are crap

Does the motor feel like it has good compression?

There are lots of other things you can check that go beyond these basics, but I don't want to waste time typing about a situation I dont know exists... So check some stuff and post back more info... including what motor and carburetor you have... if you're not sure post a picture... and search the forum and read the advice the 1,000+ other riders received when they posted about their no start condition....
Basically you are going to have to learn a bit about how a 2-stroke motor works to keep this thing running, the good news is this motor is about as simple as it gets, and this forum has lots of smart people that are willing to help you learn, so dig in and read and wrench and post your questions as you move along....

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