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Default Re: oil is coming form muffler at the base by the peddles

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
24:1 is an excellent break in ratio and will definitely drip.
If the oil you now use is designed to be mixed at 50:1 and you are happy with it then stay with it.
I forgot to mention that a carburetor that is tuned rich can also contribute to excessive oil dripping. That said, dripping is still normal, even at 50:1.
If you switch to Opti2 or a similar synthetic that is designed to be mixed at 100:1 you would be hard pressed to ever get any drips at all.
I solved my drippy problems on my 2 stroke bike by using an exhaust that goes all the way to the rear of the bike.
It can drip all it wants to now, I don't really care.
ok thanks for the info it help me out alot sents im new to this

could you tell me how to tuned the carburetor so it aint to rich

also if it to rich will it make it not run as fast?

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