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Default Re: oil is coming form muffler at the base by the peddles

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Totally normal for a 2 stroke engine running standard 2 stroke oil at recommended ratios.
Those of us who use the more exotic 100:1 oils don't have the problem, at least to the extent that others do.
I'm not advocating the use of those oils, just stating a fact. Keep a few rags or paper towles handy to wipe off the residuals and enjoy your bikes. Glad your wife is sharing the hobby with you. That must be fun.

thanks for help and yeah she love riding the bike but she bit afraid with cars driving on our street as they can't drive for **** and they drive like nuts lol
im using 24:1 on the new bike we just build and on the other bike were running 50:1 should i got to 100:1 or 40:1 or just stay 50:1?
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