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Default Re: Lights "kill" engine???

best I can tell the voltage is ac and is goes all over the place but the so called instructions with the engine kits say its 6 volt. The bulbs off the generator lights for bikes will work for a little while and will fry must be a voltage spike that gets them.
I had a problem with one of my bikes the plug looked good and bike would run fine then it would take a fit and die light worked right up to the point of the bike coming to a stop. You could not get it started again until turning off the light once running again if you tried the light it was dead in the water again so I cleaned the plug and it would work with the light on and may last a day or two then it would pull the same old $hit the plug looked fine but it had to have a internal short in it so its now sleeping in the city dump somewhere. A new plug made it all better. all it takes is a frog hair of bare wire and it will short out the system or a loose soldered connection on the ignition system and the dam light will stay on as you grind to a stop unless you kill the lights then its real unhappy motoring to get home if its after dark.
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