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Default Re: Brake lever as Chain tensioner or Pizza Cutter

This is an old thread I never saw before, I found it interesting.

I switched to halflink chain on the input and output of the jackshaft on my 4-stroke SBP kit late last year. The chain I'm using is made by EighthInch, a company catering to fixed-gear bikes. I've found this chain to be completely awesome, especially on the troublesome portion between my 4G's output and the 17T input of the jackshaft. I need exactly 12.5 links to make this connection, and my experiences with a half-link on a full-link chain have never been pleasant. I simply despise standalone half-links because they stretch different than the rest of the chain they are on, often causing "chain dance" or oscillations. I don't like master links for the same reason. Alas with either, they are sometimes a necessity.

Anyway, my point being that from my observations, the halflink chain doesn't stretch anywhere near as much as the KMC 410H I normally use, nor does it wear quite as fast. Halflink chains play nice with smaller sprockets like those under 13T, too. My drivetrain is a lot smoother with halflink chain than with full-link considering I have an 11T and 10T in the mix.

Halflink chain can cost 2 or 3x as much as full-link tho. Might not be the greatest thing economically, as it won't last twice as long.
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