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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Sgt. Howard View Post
Yesterday about 4:30pm I was just about to test a new idea about the electrical for lighting when I spot a gaggle-and-a-half of teenagers exiting the church kiddy corner to where my shop is- I haul out the "Panama Jack" and do a brazen display of motorbiking... to say the least, I had their attention. I stopped and gave my spiel, they mentioned a few tasks they needed to do as community outreach... AFTER they ALL test rode the silly thing a few times each... but could they come back later on that evening, they ask? Sure, I say-
Just after I swallow the last bite of dinner, there's a knock at the door. Four of the guys are there- we go down to the "Skonk Works" and I show them current projects, experiments, snafus etc.... three more show up... we pull out the "Jack" and the "Black Rat" and (after five more show up) now the street is buzzing with kids on two-wheeled weedeaters. Pandemonium. Chaos of the most desireable manner. Six more show up, including three girls. One has a phone that sends pictures, she takes shots and posts them.
Soon, there is a minor riot going on with at least fourty kids and three bikes. Everybody is having an absolute ball. Climbing the hills of Tonaskets' suburbia, scrambleing the roads, neighbors coming out to investigate the racket, some wanting to paticipate (to which I never said 'No')....
... and here comes a cop. Nobody has a helmet. One kid just blew a stopsign right in front of the cop. I walk over and She (the cop) asks, "What's going on here?"
I explain that these kids are trying out these motorized bikes that I have made. She comments that it looks like a lot of fun and asks the price. I tell her- then she comments about how the city of Tonasket is looking at bicycle patrol, and I ought to address city council on the 9th of these months. We spent the rest of the time taking about the bikes, she shot some radar at them and confirmed 31 MPH on the Jack and 37mph on the rat. She seemed VERY enthusiastic about them...
I think I might throw "Bike Parties" more often... but I think I'll insist on helmets...
Truly Outstanding Sgt.!

LOL @ "Chaos of the most desireable manner"

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