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Default Re: Glossary Of Motor Bicycle, bicycle parts and tools

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
A guy is forcing me to sue him and am working 14 hrs a day trying to get new contracts and building a work shop (which is on hold for town approval)
Well that sucks, is the guy just a dick or what?

I didn't read through this whole topic of what was covered so far but I am in a jovial mood and have a minute to throw a few terms out I use.

Handlebar Grips:
The obnoxiously hard plastic things you are supposed to hold on to bike with and still expect to have a comfortable ride.
Anyone want some left sides? I have a bunch.
I cut the throttle side off too and put foam BMX grips on both sides of my builds.

3-Piece Cranks:
Meaningless for a direct drive build but important for Jackshaft build when the whole bottom bracket crank assembly needs to be replaced and the whole thing needs to come out.

1. First remove the cover over the crank arm mount and then get the exact right socket to get the crank arm retaining bolts or nuts out.
The right side is reverse thread.

2. Discover the crank arms won't just pull off because they are designed with a wedge fit. Beat arms with a hammer and discover they still won't budge. Buy the frigg'n 'Crank Arm Removal Tool' and ***** about it.

3. Go to remove the BB shaft and discover it needs it's own special tool as well and there is more than one size. Try beating it with a hammer and Primitive Pete screwdriver only to find that won't work either.
Buy the frigg'n 'Bottom Bracket Removal Tool' and ***** about it.

Primitive Pete Tool:
Usually a screwdriver or adjustable wrench, but in short it is any tool you mess up using it to pry or beat something rendering it useless for it's intended purpose.
I have 2 full sets of tools, the good stuff and the Petes.

I have a bunch more terms that will make you smile but out of time, I'll swing back by though ;-}
KC's Krusiers Builds
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