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Default Gas Mileage

My wife came to me today and asked me what the mileage of one of my Motored bikes would be? We payed 3.74.09 for gas today, I wonder if that had any influence on the reason she asked the mileage. I told her that "I think I could get about 150 Mi. to the gallon if I tried", OH she exclaimed, and left it at that. Now if she asks me to start one up for her to go to work, I will get a picture to post up here. I don't think she has any business on a motor bike, for that matter nether should I, but that is another thing. If enough of the cars were off the road I think I would let her, but not with the (NUT'S) in my town. I wonder how many of you are using your bikes for every day? The traffic for me is the biggest hang up. Well have fun, Dave
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