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Was thinking about that Allen. The joy and bond ya get with tools. I'm building a shop, so sort of been noticing where all the tools are and thinking about how to set up. Noticed my good caliper which is not all that good but works more then well enough for my purposes. Admiring the fine plastic case, it just sort of made me happy to see it and know where it is.

When ya run in to a problem or puzzle and can just reach in to a draw and pull out the right tool for the right job, is just a joy....

I wonder if this is what Carol feels when shoe shopping?
Makes fun of me for how glowingly I talk about my tools but lets see her fabricate an engine mount with a pair of 3" pumps! snork

Sorry about the ramble on your thread FrogBiscuit.

Really great nicname by the way.
worst apocalypse ever

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