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Default Trying to start building

Hi Folks--

My name is Dan and I live in New Hampshire. Long story short I am trying to set myself up with a motorized bike for my commute to work and it is mostly out of necessity and desperation that it's come down to that. 10 miles to work is just a bit far for me to push the peddles everyday and I need a break.

I got low budget 2 stroke kit from BGF. I have two 1995 Gary Fisher mountain bikes and both 32 spoke rear wheels. One is the Montare that is fatter aluminum frame and rapid fire shifters and the other is steel frame special edition Grateful Dead Hoo Koo Ikoo with grip shifters. I think I am putting it on the steel frame and I will be getting the small front mount adapter from Sick bike parts because the front mount is 1.9 inch on the motor and my down tube is 1.3 inch.

My first issue straight off is the rag joint sprocket adapter going on my 32 spoke wheel. The rag joints are not uniform thickness and the 9 hole design doesn't fit on the 32 spoke wheel. I don't see any hub adapters for 32 spokes and new wheels are too expensive for me. I am going to try thinner bolts as I see a couple people did that but haven't been able to see if they had success.

I am heading out on my first hardware trip now with my wifes car that has issues of its own so hopefully that trip won't be too epic.

I appreciate any suggestions and inspiration. I am thankful for this forums.
I will try to give updates here in my intro thread so hopefully my experience can benefit someone as well.

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