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Default Re: Noob attempts a Felt MP build: Have mercy on me.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
I have had a picture I printed out 3 yrs ago of a MP tacked to board in my office all that time.

Great looking bikes and almost scream to get motorized.

I wanted to put a rifle scabbard on it. That would look cool. Get ya pulled over but really cool.
I don't know of any stock bike made that deserves a engine more than the Felt MP. I wish they still had the desert version and this version to choose from though. I'm trying to get it to look as close to a motorcycle with pedals as I can possibly make it and still keep the MP theme intact. I'm gonna order a military stencil and spray the M and P with the star in the middle of the two letters on the tank. I miss those MP letters for some strange reason.
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