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Default Big hello to all!

Hi everyone!
I would first take the time time to thank all of the expertise I have gathered here,
the lack of selfishness and the great sharing of knowledge is an awesome thing to witness,
I will in turn return the favour,
as some of your expertise and insight have kept me happily humming along (=
I have just broke in my first china girl,
a little 66 cc one.
What poor workmanship is used to build these! (rolls eyes)
Not knowing and going by the included booklet...
breaking in at 16 to 1 is grossly rich!
I had to literally remove a sick amount of carbon from the head.
When I leaned it out to 32 to 1,
The chunks that had build onto the head started letting go and ...I have a few little scores on my cylinder wall as a result.
But the compression is still good and increasing and it runs really strong.
To break in , I used Amsoil @ 16 to 1,
after 40 miles I knew it was way too much oil, i then went to 32 to 1 and I saw ...after another 80 miles of hard riding that it was still too rich in the oil department,
I consequently leaned out the needle to the first notch from the top.(from the factory set ..middle one)
So then the motor ran well ...time to address the chain issue....
turns out the drive sprocket wasn't concentric, i couldn't find a replacement in town so i dremelled it (=
It was bad
Took me 3 hours to do it, but ...what a difference. it's so smooth now
Another big thing I have found is...the head..
It is not properly machined...
Find a level surface, with a sheet of 320 sandpaper and ...get er flat!
Mine was so far off, it was (for lack of a better word) "Retarded"
I have also been experimenting withe plugs and after taking the head off,
i saw that the BPR6hs that is often recommended is too short.
it does reach ...somewhat...but barely.
I will be going to get , the BPR6EIX,
I will let You Know how that Iridium one works out.
My name's Steve,
Feel free to address me anytime You all need anything,
And I thank You all,for all the help I have gotten here.
Thanks and safe riding , Everyone.
P.S If anyone cares
even running rich...I weigh 130 pounds ,
the kit is mounted on a trek 4300 (tweaked) of course
and Before leaning the mixture,
I still managed to get 169 miles a gallon ..(without me helping)
I was breaking it in.
this little creation is a lot o fun!
I surely appreciate all of You guy's help.
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