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Engine starts, but the Jet size is a bit large I think. I ordered new Jets, so hopefully that's my problem. Will definitely get some videos up once she's running at her full potential. I am loving the expansion chamber from It comes with everything you need to attach it to your liking. I ordered extra silicon tubing as well. It came in handy for my mounts and for connecting the piping. I also got the silencer for this build. I'm sure I am sacrificing some power, but as of yet I am not sure how much. I'll fill you in once I know more.
I was running 30:1 I believe. For each gallon I was putting in 4 ounces of 2 stroke synthetic oil. Here is the brand I was using. I bought it from Home Depot. There may be better out there, but it worked great for me:

I was having a ton of issues with the stock carburetor. I found a ton of air leaks, but once I solved that the 65 Jet worked great. 70 also worked, but I still had some 4 stroking at full throttle. The boost bottle helped smooth out the idle and helped the low, mid, and full throttle response.
I hope that helps.
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