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Default Re: my bike was stolen!

ok, a little update. my case fell apart because i was shown a photo spread of like 8 guys and had to id him. all i really remembered was his hair style, so i picked the guy that looked that him but, well, i was wrong. the cop saw him riding it, but "it could be someone else riding a white motorized bike past the school that the theft of yours also happened to be riding by at the same time". if i can't get anything legally, well, i'll have my dad ask the cop where he lives "cuz i want to talk to his parents" and then i'll efing jump him and take the five pounds of crack that scum like him carry around and dump all his drugs in the sewer, then take all his money and break his phone on the sidewalk using his head as a hammer. ahhh sounds like fun... .....or i could talk to his parents so i don't get locked away for a much more serious crime than bike theft. any suggestions on what i should do?
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