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Default Re: Engine Vibration

Originally Posted by velardejose View Post
Bikeguy Joe
What thickness is the lead sheet you use?
I visited Mr Morcia, the machinist who does dynamic balancing
He was pleased to see the motorized bicycle and talked me about single cyl engines
Showed me an old book with drawings that explained this:
The two thirds from the rod closer to the piston+cyl pin+piston+rings weight must match the counterweights in the oposite end of the crankshaft
The rod's third closer to the journal should balance with the rest of the crankshaft
His personal opinion
The piston+pin is too heavy
Lightening it should reduce the vibration
When I told him that the piston skirt blocked the intake he told me to clear it
Then he told me a couple two cycle tips to make the engine have more torque or high revs
PD He showed me a couple gokart crankshafts, I forgot he sells and repairs them
Great info, thanks. What CC did you show him? I have never had a 50 and wonder if vibration would be less given that information.
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