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Default Re: Noob attempts a Felt MP build: Have mercy on me.

Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
Well, I wouldn't toss the jackshaft yet. Looks pretty well built. All you need to do is use a larger sprocket on the jackshaft input, and find the a larger wheel sprocket if possible.
Have you tried the gear calculator in the DIY forum list?
No I haven't tried any gear ratio calc. All I know is my Jackshaft was twisting off axis because it is an extinct 1st Gen. SBP shifter that has since been replaced by a new version that is reinforced and attached to the engine mount.
The only reason I got it is because of the 203mm rear disk brake was in the way. What I really want is a 4G Grubee or a EZM QMatic. 4G's are nowhere to be found.
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