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Default Re: Engine Vibration

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I noticed on a couple of bikes I've built, the frame angle is off a little. If you fill that area between the mount and the frame with filled epoxy "putty" so the gap is 0 it vibrates less too.

Place saran wrap around the frame, and across the mounts.
Mix up the putty and put the engine in place, tightening only enough to secure the engine and squeeze out enough putty to make sure the gap is gone. Once the epoxy has set up, tighten the rest of the way and trim the excess saran wrap away.

If you use lead sheet like I do, you can bed it into the mount while you do this.
Swaped a motor from a Khulna to a point beach and it shook twice as much. I'm going to try that, thanks. The angle of the down tube was further away.
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