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Alright a little further on today. I got almost everything lined up, then the chain. A little bit of a preface. I sold my car so this bike is my only method of transportation. That makes it very difficult to go all over the town looking for parts, but the bus helps, and the bike can ride on the front

So the chain, I took one too many links off, darn. So someone mentioned that I needed to get another "master link" or quick connect link, so off to the cycle store. Turns out that the chain that it came with is 415ER and on the way back to the house, after replacing the tube in the front the day before I got a flat about 4 miles away from home. Home again home again, and while the bike was working, the sprocket in the back is wobbling like a drunk at Oktoberfest. Grrrr.

Tomorrow there will be blood. Sprocket and chain or bust. Thanks for all the encouragement and support guys.

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