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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Now that I have the Monark and sidecar sorted out I was very pleasantly surprised that the bike and the sidecar handled so well. It didn't track to one side or the other. Just straight down the road.
Our street has a slight but steady rise from one end to the other and it climbed without problem and going back down the road it was rock steady at a good 20+ miles an hour.

One interesting thing was coming back down the street and turning in to the driveway past the Ditch of Disaster in front of the house I hit the brakes for the first time at speed and it became quite evident in a nano second that the disc brake on the sidecar was much more powerful than the front drum brake.
This will be helpful when making right hand turns. No need to turn the front wheel just hit the sidecar brake and you will be turning right.

I really think that you and Moosh, Wonder dog of the North will enjoy the sidecar.

Your bike is looking super. Is there a sidecar in it's future?

Just reread your post. Yes there is.


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