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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Got the engine installed after making new rails for the engine mounts. I raised the engine an inch from where it had been so that I could use a normal sized pedal crank (better leverage on the coaster brake and easier to pedal if I ever need to). And it allowed me to install the original feather chain guard. I set up an old 6 volt sidewall generator to power the lights. It has been sitting for many years and I found it on a bike which had been outside in the weather for years, so I was pleased that it works. I have a nine LED cluster in the honker headlight, modified from a dune buggy light from Harbor Freight. Tail light is tucked under the end of the rear rack and is a shorty copper jewel light with 9 LEDs inside, quite bright. I only engage the generator if I'm riding at night.

I added a heavier oil to the front suspension and it is firmer now and better. This 1950 Panther frame is my favorite of any bikes I've had. It feels adult sized... feels right for me as a six foot 200 pound circus bear. I love this gas tank. The 99cc Predator is the right size for power and just fits into the frame. Transmission is smooth and pretty quiet. I will probably change the rear sprocket to a larger one when the bike gets the canoe sidecar attached. I'll be interested to see what effect it has on handling, hill climbing, etc. It will probably feel like a whole different bike to get used to.

Well, without that welder and the little I now know about welding the bike would not be as it is, so I'm grateful for having learned at least the rudiments of a new trick. Woohoo!
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