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Default Re: Lubricating cables

WD-40 does not lubricate. Or at least the lubrication will not last. It will attrack dust and grime and it will dry out after a short time leaving your cables dryer than when you started. It's a good product but it has limitations.

A light oil, 10W or even 20W works well and lasts a long time. Dry lubricant such as graphite will work but is messy to apply and will leach out at both ends to stain everything it touches black.

Grease will work but is hard to apply unless the cable is out of the housing and will eventually be pushed away from the points of contact/friction leaving you back to square one.

I light oil will work better than any product I've tried and it's easy to apply and to re-apply after the cables are assembled and on the bike.

Bike shops sell teflon housings that are essentially friction free. They're worth the price. Also make sure you have no sharp bends or kinks in the cables. The bends must be gentle and don't tie them down tight with nylon tie-wraps (zip-ties).

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