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Default Re: Easier clutch

You can use a regular bicycle brake lever.

Here's a little work for a big pay off.

Remove the cable from the sheath and lube it with motor oil.

Before you put it all back together make sure you have the big spring on the outside of the cable sheath where it goes around the engine - it's a heat sheild, not a spring.

If you had it on before, delete the small spring, it's good for nothing more than making the clutch lever harder to pull. The internal spring is all you need.
Dab a little grease inside the case where the pivot point for the clutch arm is, if you remove the cover to do this, don't lose the rod and ball that go inside the sprocket!

Route your cable sheath so there are no sharp bends, and don't fasten it down too tight.

Finally, where the sheath mounts to the adjuster at the engine end, loosen the whole works there, and make sure the cable points toward the clutch arm in a straight run from the adjuster to the arm, and, that the adjuster is of even height with the arm. (or as much as possible, some won't come out that far without being too close to coming all the way out).
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