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Default Re: Starting my 3rd build and I want to do it right!

Hey guys. I finished my build (almost). I live about 20 miles from Phantom Bikes. I went there yesterday and bought everything i need. I CAN NOT EVEN DEPICT HOW WONDERFUL THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS!!!!! They got me all ready with all the parts i needed. All that is left is the gastank. I had to leave the one that came in the kit because they have to re weld it. I made a makeshift tank to test the bike out. BTW I bought a Felt Slant with a HS engine, custom 4G tranny, rear sprocket adapter with 50t sprocket, billet crank, etc.

My question:

John at Phantom Bikes told me to use 10w30 oil. I put some in the engine, and filled it to the bottom thread (like he told me to do). I am just wondering if this is the right oil because its already black colored...
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