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Default Re: Regular with up to 10% booze-a-haul, or high octane w/out?

A lot of people have different opinions about ethanol, but I did some research on it, and didnt find any information to back up any of the negativity typically associated with consumers opinions. I myself have had the same carburetor for 3 years, and inspect it every so often for wear and tear, especially since I have no fuel filter. Havent found anything wrong with my carb yet. I never used the kit fuel line, so I cant speak about the degradation associated with that. I buy the mid-grade gasoline and use supertech universal oil from wallyworld. I dont believe that E10 can cause any excessive amount of wear and tear to an ht engine in any short amount of time. An ht engine kit will probably far outlive its usefulness before E10 does any serious harm. There are also a plethora of fuel stabilizers available to combat any potential harmful effects that may be associated with ethanol for those that may still be worried about it. i dont use a fuel stabilizer. I wouldnt recommend E15 or E20, because above a certain percentage, ethanol mixed with gas will burn hotter than regular gas. at ten percent, it actually burns a bit cooler, which is good for small engines. I am basing this information solely on my own personal research. if it is wrong, then please provide links to accurate information showing facts about ethanol, so that we all may be better informed.
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