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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Wow Dave, how are you breaking vices? I told you you had to use your powers carefully! (lol, "Super Dave")

I have a lathe and am just learning to use it so would enjoy making one for you. Be a learning thing for me and will gladly take a stab at it. Building a shop so all tools are in a pile. So would be a while. If you subscribe to workshop thread, it will remind us both to work on making your clamping screw when I am set-up. If ya want. I don't want any thing for it, just to see if I can actually make one. But let me know. Really does sound fun and simple. LOL, I say that now. Not so much when I am throwing stuff at new shop walls.
Dan, I didn't see this until now and sure, IF I can find the vise I'll remove the screw so you can give it a shot. You'll prob need 1 inch stock to make it from. I'm pretty sure it's still here, some might call us "hoarders" but I tell them I'm just lazy Things have a tendency to stay where I place them for years...well... except for that gokart Airhart brake I had hanging on the wall from when I first took up gokart racing 25 years ago. That's what I get for letting deadbeat friends stay here...stuff comes up missing

I'll let you know if and when I find it.
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