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Default Re: Regular with up to 10% booze-a-haul, or high octane w/out?

Go into a motorcycle shop and ask them. I'll bet they got nothing to say but nasty stuff about mixed fuel. The E85 cars they make are hardened against the corrosive nature of Ethanol fuels. I worked on a USAC Midget in the 80's. One of the chores I had was to go around with a pair of pliers and squeeze all the fittings in the fuel system. The Midgets ran on 100% Methanol. Every once in a while a squeezed fitting would crumble into a powder-like substance and I would replace the fitting. I got real good at stainless steel braided hose line repair. That chore has been lessened or eliminated by the new stainless steel fittings they use now. They cost more but there's no replacement problems with them, they are unaffected by the methanol.

I know the amount of alcohol in the gas is small but it's still enough to cause problems down the road, especially when it sits in the aluminum fuel bowl on your carb. It's eating away at your carb as you sleep
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