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Default Trying to figure out if it's worth it

I'm thinking about building a motor bike as a hobby and as means to save money on gas. I already have a bike to fit the motor on. I'm thinking about getting this kit to install on my bike, and upgrading the spark plug, carb, and fuel filter. I plan to use it to commute 7 miles to and from work, and to the store and friends places. I have a few questions though. Would I realistically be able to achieve 30 to 35mph while still getting atleast 100+mpg? I weigh around 130 and have a Next Avalon bike w/ 26" wheels, which I beleive weighs around 40ibs. Here is the link to it. Could I push the engine at its max power to achieve 30-35mph and have the engine be reliable? I've done a little searching and read that a shift kit is the best way to do this, however I really don't want to drop another $200 into it for the kit. Is the shift kit really necessary to obtain these speeds and mpg?

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