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Default Re: Hi from New Zealand

Originally Posted by Jemma Hawtrey View Post

I guessed from the nick you were from the UK - Sarum being the old name for salisbury I think...
I know of the Mini-motors although I have never ridden one but i am curious about the sampson machine you mention - I have never heard of one of those..

Have a look at the NACC Buzzing site - you'll recognise a few machines on there I should imagine.

Mine is a 32cc two stroke Golden Eagle belt drive kit

welcome to the forum

Jemma xx

PS: I know Sianelle on the motoredbiking forum is from NZ - shes most definately a Villiers girl
Jemma - I note that when this information was first produced you were using a Golden Eagle. I have one of those with a 4-stroke Subaru engine. Do you have any experience with breaking spokes? ie, those spokes that are attached to the pulley for the final drive. I seem to be continuously breaking spokes no matter how careful I am and have had the wheel rebuilt a number of times by experts using the best spokes and nipples available. I checked that the rim is centred 100% correctly and have now used cable ties on the crosses on the spokes and am hopeful that this will be an improvement. I would appreciate any comments from yourself. Thank you. Geoffrey.
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