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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Originally Posted by MEASURE TWICE View Post
Not that you have specific need for thicker weld metal capability, but my Auto Arc MIG Hobart 130 mentions that using flux core you can weld a little thicker. I just wanted to mention though, I have only used with gas hook up AR CO2 and got 7/32 inch done even with the 0.024 solid wire with volts all the way up. I also have 0.030 solid wire but have not tried that yet or flux.

One thing I do is when in between welding leave the power turned on so the fan keeps running between welding to help even more cooling off. I like to make sure that I turn the volts all the way down and the feed to minimum too. I keep the nozzle trigger propped up somewhere so it does not inadvertently go on. When done I always take the tension off the wheel and that is useful also as I prefill the gas line and set the flow rate without wasting wire as it canít move without wheel tension.

He's very right about leaving the welder running between welds and I'll tell you why. It was a hot day when I was welding and I thought it would be a good idea to turn the welder off. It was like 4-6 minutes between welds. After a bit the welder shut down and would not run again. I took to Norco to get it fixed. When they called me about what was wrong they told me it was the thermosistor, a device that shuts down a overheated welder but in my case I fried it. They told me they could replace or bypass the circut. I had them bypass it, figured I could run it normal and it would be ok. When I went to pick it up I was stunned at what they wanted for the cut and splice job...$160!!! I should have told them to stuff it but I paid them and vowed to NEVER go back. Yes, it did work but I could have got a new one from Harbor Freight for that. I buy my welding supplies form OxArc, ACE, and where ever else. Lowest price for flux core wire right now is Lowes', $44 for a 10 lb spool of flux core.

The welder is still running, in fact I'll be useing it here in a few days to start welding on my bike
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