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Default Re: Motorized Bike BOAT

Im a marine mechanic, so if you need any ideas im here. As far as marine grease, i use NAPA brand marine. Its pretty cheap, and you really dont need the super dooper high $$$ stuff. Only time i ever drop good money for lube is if it goes in the lower unit( the foot of the motor were the gears that spin he prop are for all you landlocked creatures), 2 stroke oil(amsoil or merc. marine) or just plain old 4t oil( royal purple). While weight is an issue, also look into hydrodynamics of your pantoons, if it does not cut through the water well, you will not go fast or handle well. Fiberglass may be a bit heavy to be able to ride on the street, but that would be what i would use. Another idea would be to use a triple hull construction with a larger main hull and 2 smaller ones on the sides to add stability without adding too much weight over your original desing while making it super stable and as an added bonus you could make them removable. Another idea is to use a 8-10ft jon boat( can pick one up for $50-100) and mod it so you can drop the bike in it but its not gona be easy any direction you take. Just shooting some ideas at ya
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