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ive built 6 and sold 3 bikes scince ive joined 2 years ago, heres why i wont sell anymore my riding buddy dave has little expieriece tinkering with engines. scince he bought his bike over 2 years ago he has replaced the frame,forks,all sprockets, carb, cdi,plug, head gasket,wire.cap,brakes,two rims,chain,woodroof key,chain tesioner i have also done many of these things to my bikes.most of the general public is not ready for these cheap engine kits.his bike is still running strong might have 4000 miles on it but i dont think average joe is going to be happy 2 weeks later when he comes pounding on your door with a blown head gasket,or even worse he ran his premix to lean during break in and seized the pos.not worth the head aches. lots of people have been wanting me to build them a roadmaster btr i tell them 2 grand that usually quiets them right up. if i do sell another bike i will definitely be a 4 stroke and not a cheap kit bike.. sorry so long.
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