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Originally Posted by happyvalley
Besides the liability issue, as already stated an always present and obvious cloud hanging over these things, there's no real money in it. Equally frustrating for me is finding the right customers. By that I mean folks who want to lay out good money and KNOW they are gonna have to maintain and tinker on the thing some because, well it's a bicycle. Hard finding those kind of people. The folks who approach me, by and large for the most part, are the kind that think they'd be buying a Honda or Yamaha quality scooter for 1/3 the price. I just know they would be a real pain in the neck expecting me to maintain and take care of every little thing that might come up, regardless of how they abused it.
thats the parts an service end of it , ya just treat it like a auto dealer treats you when you bring back your car for service ....regardless of how you have abused it . its not a cut an dry sale never see it again its being the dealer who sells you the vehicle an services the vehicle , so you make maoney on the sale an when they return for service you have the opportunity to make labor charges an parts sales .
It's not anything like the business model of an auto dealer who has a corporate manufacturer supplying a factory finished product and warranty program. After the factory warranty runs out, then they make money on service, parts and labor. In the case of home brewed MABs you end up on the hook for all of the above, at least that's seems to be the way people around me think it should be, lol.

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