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Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
Ya build 'em, ya sell 'em.

If they need anything after that, it's a good way to help non-laboring clerical help like lawyers and insurance people get some real life mechanical skills trying to keep it on the road.

Then you laugh at them as you pass them on the road, and you try to steal their house from them.
You know, "Do unto others..."

I think you misinterpreted that one LOL All kidding aside I used to build computers and for the first few years to encourage folks to take the plunge (they wuz EXPENSIVE back then) I would tell em I'd buy back the computer at used price I knew I could get for the parts and also-offer free over the phone tech support...I can generally fix most problems over the phone bikes aren't any harder to troubleshoot. I charged $25 per hour 2 hour minimum to come on site and made sure to spend 2 hours coaching folks how to keep their puters happy. My X-Brother-in-Law is the only customer I can remember not happy with his purchase but then again the dude's a filthy rich millionaire he can go pound sand LOL!
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