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Originally Posted by MaxPower View Post
I've built 3 bikes and sold them at cost on craigslist. I would post in the add all the costs and that I'm not making a dime on the sale. People would still haggle me down. And when I say no this is my price they would get offended. It's a problem of people wanting something for nothing.
I am building 2 for the same customer , even after making him aware of these motors idiosyncrosy's .he is the only one so far that has not tried to haggle me down to a point where I would be paying them for a bike . after I politely explain to the hagglers that I will not compromise my product, reputation, or their safety , they seem to understand, an it accomplishes 1 important thing you get the folks who are genuinly interested in owning a mb.

it also helps to have a brotherinlaw who is an attourney writing a disclaimer for me that will also go in the owners manual that the customer will recieve upon reciept of the bikes .
Do your home work cover your bases an take the plunge , dont let fear hold back any of us to move our sport / hobby forward into a more main stream public veiw.
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